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“Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world.”

— Nelson Mandela

The Amadou Diallo Foundation (ADF)—founded to promote racial healing and provide pathways to success for Black youth—was established in honor of Amadou’s academic dreams, before his promising life was cut short by police brutality on February 4th, 1999. In the spirit of Amadou, the foundation has proudly given away scholarships to students of African descent who are achieving their college degrees.

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Pathways to Success


Bridging the Divide and Raising Global Citizens

Through the Bridging the Divide Initiative, the ADF strives to give young global citizens the tools needed to take a seat at the table and build the networks needed to become change agents in the world.

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Equitable Tech Training for Sustainable Development

Technology is a key platform that can be leveraged to solve pressing socio-economic issues; and, the ADF, along with key partners, is on a mission to support the training of the next generation of technovators and techpreneurs.

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Preparing Young People to Lead the Future

The ADF sees the empowerment of young people as the key to building stronger, equitable societies for all. The ADF supports young people with scholarships, leadership development and mentorship opportunities in positioning them to lead in their communities and the future.

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Generally: September, December, March, June

Community Policing Series

Quarterly panel discussions focused on effective community policing; justice-system accountability and our roles for a moral society. We host important guests via teleconferencing tools for productive conversations alongside our affiliates, and count law students among our audience of viewers and listeners.

March 2024, check back soon for date & time

Check back soon for more information.

September 9, 2023, 12:00pm-1:30pm EST

Critical Issues in Justice

February 3, 2024, 10:00am-3:00pm EST

Amadou Diallo Youth Arts and Sci-Tech Day

Location: Bronx Community college, NYC, New York. The year 2024’s Commemoration also has very special significance. It marks 25 years since Amadou died. We share Amadou's vision for success and brilliance with thousands of young people in the United States and Africa. Middle school, high school, and college students participate in art, science and technology activities.

February 3, 2024, 5:00pm-6:30pm EST

Amadou Diallo 25th Anniversary Vigil

Location: The Amadou Diallo Mural on Amadou Diallo Place. Also listed as: 1177 Wheeler Avenue, Bronx (New York, NY 10472).

The closest subway station is: Elder Av. And the next two closest ones are: Morrison Av-Soundview and Whitlock Av.

The gathering is scheduled for 5PM (EST), and there is a planned silent walk from the Mural (1177 Wheeler Avenue) to 1157 Wheeler Avenue (on the same street).

The ADF thanks JusticeCommittee.Org, The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, CUNY School of Law, and all who remember Amadou Diallo.