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Become Part of the Change

The Amadou Diallo Foundation needs your help to build its capacity and grow its impact by engaging mission-aligned partnerships. Get involved in the ways below to help us expand our reach to hundreds more.

Sponsor a Diallo Scholar

Donate to our scholarship fund so that we’re able to increase the number of scholarships and subsequently, the number of graduates.


Become a Mentor

Expand the reach and depth of our mentorship program by becoming a mentor and spreading the word with your network.

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Host a Diallo Scholar

Host a Diallo Scholar via a virtual internship to provide students/graduates with much-needed practical and soft skills that give them the confidence to develop, engage, and leverage a global network for professional and personal development.

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Volunteer Your Skills

We value volunteers who lend their expertise in the day-to-day and Board operations. We look forward to connecting with and learning more about your interests and how we can partner to develop a more equitable world.



We appreciate you giving time and labour for this community service.
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Your commitment to progressive uplifting moves the needle.